Monday, 22 February 2010

Amateur Photographer! Greater Spotted Eagle!

I had a fantastic afternoon Sunday with a greater spotted eagle, a juvenile I believe. I wasn't expecting so much fun. In fact when I set off from home after 2:00 pm I thought I would end up at Laem Pak Bia viewing shorebirds. Instead this greater spotted eagle obliged for me ...... but I managed to completely mess up the exposure of most of the photos. Anyhow it was a thrill to get so close. In fact I could be seen crawling on all fours to get close but,alas, not close enough. The green hue of the third photo is due to me switching from automatic exposure to "P" and the camera in this mode being  set to an unintended high exposure compensation level. ( I was originally shooting in very bright light but forgot to adjust down!) Instead I adjusted the ISO speed to 800 ASA to allow for the poor light but I forgot to alter the exposure compensation! Well I guess you could say I am learning about my camera!

Greater spotted eagle, aquila clanga, Wat Norng Blah Lai, 21.02.10

What is amazing is the bird was less than 300 meters from the main Bangkok - southern Thailand Highway, one of the busiest roads in Thailand. Perhaps even more amazing I had the bird to myself. I should also add that it was late in the day..... the last picture was taken just after 18:00h. I know where I am going next weekend and I know what time too! 

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