Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ratchaburi Raptors

Finally I got some time late afternoon to go birding and fortunately my immediate locale is buzzing. I love Peregrine Falcons and this one stayed long enough on the pylons for me to drive into the nearby Rose Garden estate and take the shot. I don't know whether it is a local breeder or the perigrinator ssp; however it is very rufous so possibly peregrinator. A gentle couple of hours in very hot sunshine. Elsewhere in the rice paddy I had good views of a female and juvenile Pied Harrier quartering and a Black-shouldered Kite perched on electric wires. It becomes so much easier once the more difficult birds have been pointed out to you and this afternoon Rufous Woodpecker flashed away in the same place as it did last Sunday; I also heard Lanceolated Warbler and had reasonably good views of a couple of noisy Zitting Cisticolas. Plenty of Plain Prinias and a Common Kingfisher perched over the irrigation canal.

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