Monday, 22 March 2010

Even More Laem Pak Bia

Black-tailed godwit, limosa limosa,Deserted Building, Laem Pak Bia,
 Petchaburi Province, 22.03.10

Indian Cormorant,  phalacrocorax niger,King's Project, Petchaburi Province, 22.03.10

After a weekend of no birding I headed back to Laem Pak Bia early this morning. There was plenty of bird activity at my first stop but all fairly familiar. I managed to lose my favourite pencil so that put a dampener on my morning. I headed into the King's Project and snapped this very obliging Indian Cormorant. Please don't tell me it is a Great, ok please do if it is! And please don't tell me if it is a Little!

This is the Little Cormorant from Khok Kam a few weeks ago which I originally published as an Indian with some pompous reference to "pepper" above the eye! The bill and neck are really quite different from photos of the Indian. 

I have to say I find all of this identification stuff absolutely intriguing and engrossing. 

I saw some nice birds today:  a couple of Nordmann's greenshanks, any number of marsh sandpipers, common greenshanks and spotted redshanks, curlew sandpiper, red-necked stint, a Brahminy kite, pacific golden and grey plovers, many brown-headed gulls, caspian terns, kentish plover, lesser sand-plover, little grebe, 14 painted stork, lots of eurasian curlew and black-tailed godwits and a couple of unidentifieds, notably two distant birds like curlews with decurved bills and attentuated bodies but unfortunately, only a silhouette and no other detail. No spoon-billed sandpiper and no flamingo.

A few days ago I posted a photograph of a paddyfield pipit with a leg deformity. I sent it onto Phil Round and he advises a lot of paddyfield pipits have it and it is called Knemidocoptic mange which is caused by mites.

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