Sunday, 7 March 2010

Laem Pak Bia : Deserted Building

Once more plans for an early start did not materialise! Well, first weekend off of our holidays so no real surprises. We drove down to Hua Hin for lunch and on our way back stopped at The Deserted Building, one of the key birding sites in the Laem Pak Bia area. I took some decent shots but I was strangely restless and uninterested! I must confess to being physically exhausted. Add in the company of my wife and 8 month old son, to distract me. There were hundreds of birds, in particular the resident black-tailed godwits, many greenshanks, and I rather fancy I saw at least one great knot; but alas, no evidence and it didn't hang around for long. Perhaps this too added to my sense of frustration!  There were a few little herons about including this one and a good few common and spotted redshanks.

Little heron, butorides striata, Laem Pak Bia (DB), 07.03.10
Spotted redshank, tringa erythropus, Laem Pak Bia (DB), 07.03.10
I am looking forward to returning refreshed and restored, maybe early Tuesday morning.

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