Sunday, 14 November 2010

A Greater Spotted Eagle

I was down at Wat Norng Blah Lai this morning, very briefly, about a 35 minute drive from home,  and the first bird I saw was a Greater Spotted Eagle perched on a tree just as you drive into the rice paddy. I might not be the most reliable caller of a bird's ID but I would say this was unmistakable: big, dark brown, yellow bill and white flecking on the wings as it sat there. The dark brown appeared uniform except for the white flecking on its wings hence I call this a Greater Spotted as the others usually have some distinguishing colours on or around their heads, necks and upper bodies. Once more no camera ready so I assembled everything in the car, sneaked out, tried to set up my tripod and off it went! Well the good news is there is at least one eagle back in this area and there will hopefully be a lot more. This is a great site for visitors as it can be easily reached on the journey south from Bangkok to Laem Pak Bia and Kaeng Krachan: it is quite literally within spitting distance of the main highway.

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