Saturday, 6 November 2010

An Ordinary Sort of Day at the Reservoir

Little ringed plover
Huai Mai Teng Reservoir
6th November 2010

An early start had me at Huai Mai Teng Reservoir this morning at about 06:15h and all the usual suspects were present and correct including three species of egret, little, intermediate and great,  three species of kingfisher: common, white-throated and pied, little cormorants, chinese pond heron, grey heron, purple heron, red-wattled lapwing, common sandpiper, black-winged stilt; an abundance of common birds. I saw a lot of pied kingfisher today, maybe 10 different birds. Alas no decent photographs so frustrating in this respect.

A harrier appeared briefly but retreated before I could call it. In all likelihood a pied harrier, either a juvenile or female, but it had one look at me from above and retreated. All I can say is that it was not an eagle or kite!

A frustrating morning on account of not being able to produce a few decent images but a good species count.

I can also report that last night at about 5:00pm I saw a first pied harrier,a female, in the local rice paddy. However I am struggling with the camera, feel a real clut! Watch this space!

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