Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Early Bird: Black-headed Ibis at Wat Khao Takhrao

I managed an early start this morning and made it to Wat Khao Takhrao in Phetchburi province before first light. What a hive of bird activity! I have never seen such a variety and number of birds scattered all over the pond. The highlights were six Black-headed Ibis and eight Otters, species unknown - the latter were having a blast and rather frustratingly took off at my arrival and ran into the ibises causing them to take to the air. I managed a couple of shots of the Ibises - in all likelihood there were probably more than six as they were on the move, but six represents my maximum count at one given moment with three on the ground and three flying in to join them. The ducks were too far away to really identify anything other than male Garganeys. Nothing stood out on size, like Comb Duck or Ruddy Shelduck. There were more waders than I have ever seen here and in particular huge numbers of Black-tailed Godwits. And setting the scene were lots of screeching Caspian Terns. There was one unidentified raptor, with a rather thin long body and a suggestion of lighter uppers, but I couldn't identify it and won't be able to. Unfortunately I could only manage an hour or so as I had some business to attend to. But great to be on holiday and out early looking at great birds.

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