Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ratchabrui Rice Paddy

For the first time in many months I took a spin round the local rice paddy encouraged by yesterday's glimpse of a first harrier of the season nearby. The weather quickly became very overcast and then the heavens opened; I imagine most harriers would be parked on a well protected branch under cover. Plenty of good birds though: first up was a juvenile Lesser Coucal, a fair few Brown Shrikes, a Black-capped Kingfisher, plenty of White-thraoted Kingfishers, a Pintail Snipe, a Black-shouldered Kite, some Plain-backed Sparrows and a flock of over 200 White-rumped Munias, a tick for the patch and good numbers of Black-browed Reed Warblers, identifiable mainly on sound than on observation...... it shall be interesting to see what the winter months throw up here.

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