Monday, 1 October 2012

Wat Khao Takrhao & Khai Yoi

Well my health improved enough to enable me to get out for the afternoon and take a gentle drive down through the Khao Yoi area to Wat Khao Takrhao in Phetchburi province. Lots of big water birds. In the course of the afternoon I would estimate I saw about 50 Spot-billed Pelicans, about 20 of which were paddling around the large pool at Wat Khao Takrhao; otherwise they were liberally scattered about the Khao Yoi area and mixed up with greater numbers of Painted Stork. No surprises at Wat Khao Takrhao but huge numbers of Lesser Whistling Duck, thousands of them. I didn't make any effort to count them as they were scattered everywhere. Unfortunately my "road" has been "resurfaced" and on the basis that I was sinking into it I didn't bother to drive. So no access to the area which allows good views over the pool with the added benefit of having the sun behind you in the afternoon.

I had observed a Common Kingfisher perching on an a small fish trap so I went back to try and get a shot of it by using my hide. A Green Bee-eater and Whiskered Tern obliged for me but not the kingfisher which took off the minute I trained my lens on it. Good numbers of waders: notably Black-tailed Godwits, but also a few Marsh Sandpipers and Pacific Golden Plovers. Things are building up very nicely.

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