Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Digiscoping Curve

River lapwing, vanellus duvaucelii, 
Huai Mai Teng Reservoir
Ratchaburi Province
1st August 2010
I am not altogether sure if my digiscoping curve is going up or down. All I can say is it is getting me pictures of birds that my point and shoot DSLR couldn't unless it was fitted with a big telephoto lens. Of course this type of photography is is not easy. It is not easy getting the bird into the viewfinder before any consideration of focus. As you may appreciate these creatures move quickly especially the little ones! I have the bird in the viewfinder and just as I am about to shoot it flies off. Focussing is very difficult too. Many dud shots. Masses of vibration and movement and ...well I am proud of the efforts below. They are by no means perfect but they suggest I am heading in the right direction.

So my plan to get up early and head for Huai Mai Teng Reservoir didn't materialise. I made it there about 14:00h and I am delighted to report there were 3 river lapwing on the premises and one photograph is publishable after some cropping. Below are some other samples form today.

Sadly I missed out on a number of good birds, notably a pied kingfisher which was fishing.......dreams of  shooting it as it hits the water! Dream on. I struggled to get the scope onto it as it perched on a post. Must be one of my favourite birds. I desperately want to see the crested kingfisher to get a perspective on how it compares with the pied.

I went home feeling pissed off thinking I hadn't managed any decent shots. These are not award winners but they are, as I have said, real progress. Hopelessly smitten!

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