Sunday, 29 August 2010

An Upward Curve

A very decent human being called Tara has been helping me progress my embryonic digiscoping career. Tara hangs out on DigiscopingBirds. Among many helpful suggestions Tara advised me to use manual focus. I tried it today and I think the results are obvious. Tara's work can be viewed here: I recommend you take a look because this shows what can be done.

Now this is just a quick post to get the records up. More later.

Update  31.08.10: the birds are all common birds: above an Indian roller, below a red-wattled lapwing, a little heron and more shots of the Indian roller. These were all taken in Putthamonthon Park on the western periphery of Bangkok, not in fact Bangkok, but Nakhon Pathom province. Whatever a great park, a lovely place to spend a day out and a great place to watch birds and one which regularily throws up rarities.

Updated 31.08.10 : the little heron cropped
My best shot to date!

I am very pleased with the little egret. These photos are uncropped straight from the camera, unaltered in any way.

I also bought an EF-S 60 mm macro lens today. I think I am going to have fun with this lens.

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