Monday, 30 August 2010

Twitching: Great Thick Knee

I was lucky enough to be tipped off by Phil Round, BCST, Mahidol Univeristy, Wetlands Trust, etc that there was a Great Thick Knee, Esacus recurvirostris, in the Wat Takrao area of Khao Yoi in neighborouring  Petchaburi Province. This bird is a major rarity for this part of Thailand and probably most parts of Thailand though I believe it is seen on the Mekong River that makes Thailand's northern border. In the great scheme of things I believe this is an Indian subcontinent bird. So Tom ( ) and I went and twitched it this afternoon, armed with an excellent map provided by Phil Round, indeed so good we almost drove into the bird! And thanks to Tara I managed to get some decent shots of the bird, despite bad light and strong winds.

Great Thick Knee
Esacus recurvirostris
Wat Takrao, Phetchaburi Province

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