Sunday, 26 September 2010

Chumphon: Raptor Watch

Crested goshawk

I am a little disappointed that I don't have a pile of shots of raptors to post. What pictures I have were taken with my P&S camera not the digiscope rig. For the latter to work with flying birds I now understand that I would need a good group not too far away to aim,  and then focus on one in that group and take the shot. Sadly this did not happen today. So only one picture today! No point posting blurry lumps of indistinguishable birds!

There were decent numbers of Chinese & Japanese sparrow hawks, a few oriental honey buzzards, a black kite, a crested goshawk and a peregrine falcon but the numbers passing through today were very low. I take comfort from not missing any golden opportunities.

But the birds were all distant other than some fast moving sparrow hawks or birds which were high above me.  Mustn't grumble as the crested goshawk and peregrine falcon are lifers.

Fantastic to meet up again with Bob de Candido who has led this raptor watch since 2003. He's been here for almost three weeks now and is set to stay until mid-November. A privilege to be able to benefit from his excellent knowledge at such close quarters.

Tom Backlund and his wife are also here so we went out in Chumphon later in the afternoon and it was good to see a pile of starlings: jungle, common and white-vented mynas, and pied and vinous-breasted starlings. A large number of lesser whistling ducks have taken up residence in the rice paddy near the sports stadium.

Hopefully more tomorrow and a decent picture or two .....maybe!

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