Sunday, 12 September 2010

Upward Learning Curve!

Some of today's captures from The King's Project, Laem Pak Bia, Phetchaburi Province. I love the spot-billed pelicans. They are such big, peaceful birds with a look of being utterly out of place. There were 19 present this morning and in fact they represent a significant challenge....becaue of the variation in their plumage, grey through bright white.  The digiscope really comes into its own here. I was able to keep my distance and not disturb the birds and manage a few decent shots.

I think this is a great cormorant which is not exactly a commoner and not a regular visitor in the King's Project. A difficult bird to photograph because it gapes, very rapid movement around the gular area, the throat, which is how it keeps cool!

I am very pleased with these shots of this great egret. They are not completely washed out and I have managed to get some shadow in the main white body. They key advance in learning has been to start shooting with the camera lens on infinity, so the autofocus is off and all the focus is done on the scope; this means no last minute operation of the autofocus as I press down the shutter. I have a new head and some other bits coming in the next few days which I hope will lead to sharper, better images. You need to remember most of these shots are taking on a 3 second timer to reduce shake. 

 And finally a little cormorant.


  1. Thanx for putting up the pictures really quick Gerry. I came across your page accidentally as I googled for pics of cormorants in LPB. When I look more carefully at your largish cormorant pics, I have to say I agree with your identification.


    Paan / WL

  2. Paan pleasure to meet you and hoepfully we can reconnect soon. I will post some pics of the banding in the next few days.

  3. Cool! I'm looking forward to it.