Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mr & Mrs R Quail

Rain Quail - Male (top) & Female (bottom)
Coturnix coromandelica
Huay Mai Teng Reservoir, Ratchaburi
A frustrating hour or so at Huay Mai Teng reservoir after classes finished today. Better light but still dull and two Rain Quails, a male and female, showed, but only just and didn't help the photographic cause by their incessant movement as they were busy feeding. How utterly inconsiderate of them!! Light just not good enough, birds too far away and yours truly not quite as good as he would like to be! Anyhow, all things considered, acceptable shots but no more.  The weather and the light are scheduled to get better heading to the weekend so I will endeavour to get better shots!And this little ringed plover is the shot of the dropped down within 20 m whereas the Quail were probably about 50 m away and I was hiding behind the truck door !
Little Ringed Plover
C้haradrius dubius
Huay Mai Teng Reservoir, Ratchaburi

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