Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Hide

Green Bee-eater - juvenile (corrected)

I have had a very quiet weekend on the birding front. Early morning trips to Huay Mai Teng Reservoir on Saturday and Sunday morning confirmed the continuing presence of River Lapwing, six on Saturday morning, and five Sunday. However the weather has been wet combined with overcast skies, almost reminiscent of Scottish summer days ( do you remember dreich?!  ....  well most conditions for dreich met except cold!) so I've been happy to stay at home and potter.

I bought a portable hide about six weeks ago and haven't really used it. It's been on my mind to get to the reservoir very early and set up close to where the River Lapwing can usually be seen. I did this on both days but I didn't get in early enough. I didn't get a decent shot of the River Lapwing on either day. What was annoying was that they were within 20 feet of my truck on Saturday morning but it was raining quite heavily and I didn't have my DSLR with me. I was quite disappointed I didn't get a decent shot but truth is I didn't and on this occasion I don't think it was down to anything I did or didn't do! I can't make the birds land to order!

Little-ringed Plover

Little Green Bee-eater - juvenile (corrected)

However I think I learned a lot about using the hide, especially positioning it. I did manage some shots of a juvenile Blue-tailed Bee-eater and a Little Ringed Plover. I also learned a little bit about the juvenile of the bee-eater species as well because the absence of an elongated tail threw me a little and had me thinking. (Edit: I thought I had: Dave Gandy has advised me it is a Green Bee-eater and he knows more about this than me so I'll stand corrected. Thanks Dave.) These are the first shots I have taken using the hide and I reckon it has significant potential although I don't like being confined and cramped.


  1. Hi Jerry - your bee-eater is actually Green, rather than Blue-tailed. See the pic here:

  2. Hi Dave and thanks. Good to hear from you. I'll happily bow to your experience and knowledge. I thought it must be a Green when I first sighted it but I thought there was something wrong with it - the lack of elongated central tail-feather and the yellow on the throat made me curious. I had a look at Robson and that convinced me it was a blue-tailed. I've looked again at Robson since your comment and he says the Green juvenile also lacks elongated tail-feather. I've looked at photos of both species on the OBC database and no one , including the one you recommend, convinces me. But I make plenty of mistakes so am happy to go with your confident assertion. Hopefully see you out there some time soon as the action picks up. G