Thursday, 24 November 2011

My 'New' Nikon P6000

Common Snipe

I have to say I am getting a really good feel about my 'new' digiscoping camera, a used Nikon P6000 I bought off a fellow digiscoper in the US. In fact it feels better than the one that died and caused me so much grief. It's been a little bit frustrating this week because the light at the moment is usually on the wane from about 17:00h and gone completely by about 17:40h. Far from ideal for digiscoping. However this snipe in the local rice paddy in Ratchaburi was in the setting sun tonight with me in between. I am quite pleased with the shot. I used a sun shade which came with the camera. Normally I use a loupe with a diopter. I don't think the focus is perfect in this shot but I think it is better than when using the diopter. A little bit too early to say for sure. Hopefully this weekend I'll get out into some decent light and see what the results are. But I am really encouraged by this.

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