Saturday, 10 December 2011

Grey-headed Lapwing

Grey-head Lapwing
Vanellus cinereus
Ratchaburi, 10.12.11

At 0700h this morning there was a beautiful, refreshingly cool breeze blowing across the Ratchaburi rice paddy as the sun rose in the sky. A male Pied Harrier announced his arrival as a mixed flock of Cattle and Little Egrets scurried off in terror. I was there to check on the Grey-headed Lapwing and it didn't take very long  to pick out  a couple in the distance! They flew off! There may have been another pair of Grey-headed nearby or these may have been those that flew off. Whatever I managed a passable shot with conditions really against me; both the bird and I were adjacent to the sun hence the strong sun light on its right side; it was also just a little too far away. However it will suffice as a record. I would like to get in closer because it really is a beautiful bird.

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