Tuesday, 27 December 2011

In Praise of Common Birds

Chinese Pond Heron
Ardeola bacchus

The plan today was to stake out the irrigation canal adjacent to the Ratchaburi rice paddy and attempt to get some decent shots of Pied Kingfisher. They were there yesterday morning and they were there last year! They are also spectacular birds in my humble opinion and so it seemed a good idea to set up in the hide and wait. I failed miserably in terms of the target but I had a lot of fun shooting common species that can be seen very easily in most parts of Thailand. Some of these birds got in close, others were the same distance away as usual but by virtue of being unseen I gave myself a bit more time for the shot.
Plain Prinia
Prinia inornata

First of all, prior to setting up in the hide, I had a quick scout round the area to see what I could see. Not an awful lot. A few Black Kites. I did battle with a Common Iora - it wouldn't sit still and allow me to photograph it!  It was very close and would have made a pretty shot, but this creature was not co-operating. Of course digiscoping just doesn't allow for fast movement onto a bird that is cavorting.  This creature was having a blast, upside down and all over the place. I remained patient and hopeful for an opportunity. Then it simply flew off! I feel good that I had only taken one duff shot in the 20 minutes or so I devoted to my efforts.  I immediately deleted it too!

So I spent a few hours in the hide and in fact had the unusual experience of one bird being too close to photograph, a Plain Prinia. I think I'll try and bit more of this tomorrow.

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