Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Mundane Saturday Afternoon at Don Hoi Lod

A short visit to Don Hoi Lot in Samut Songkhram province this afternoon, by recent standards, was disappointing. But I am not complaining. I had 3 species of kingfisher this afternoon, Common, Collared and Black-capped. I only managed shots of the Collared, however. There were about 60 Brown-headed Gulls but the ponds were comparatively quiet: the numbers of gulls, terns and waders were significantly down from my last visit. There were good numbers, nevertheless, of Common Redshank, Common Greenshank and Marsh Sandpiper; add in about 12 Bar-tailed Godwits. Pretty ordinary, really, but a pleasure to be out birding.

On the photographic front I have stopped shooting in RAW for the moment. My friend Tara, Digiscoper of The Year no less, commented that she noticed a grey cast to a lot of my images. She called it "shadowing". I have noticed this too especially when I shoot in .NRW and .JPG. The JPG images are much better: more lustre, better colour, better balance, hue etc. So I reckon it is something to do with shooting RAW and the settings either on my camera or in Aperture, my post-production software. That means reading the manuals - yuk!

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