Saturday, 23 June 2012

Back to the Reservoir

It was my pleasure to show Richard Carden, from Singapore,  around the Huay Mai Teng reservoir this afternoon and he had one principal target: rain quail. I am delighted to say Richard got it but he had to work for it. As day started to close in a male and female flashed past us and landed a little away. The female showed well enough for Richard to get a good view of it. Phew!  Last weekend Richard was in China twitching Chinese Crested Tern. Elsewhere we recorded 3 - 4 River Lapwing, 3 Small Pratincoles,, an Oriental Skylark, an Indochinese Bushlark, a Greater Painted Snipe, a Yellow Eyed Babbler - good numbers of Asian Golden Weaver and Green Bee-eaters and lots of Oriental Pratincoles.


  1. Hmm golden plovers in June? That'd make an interesting record, Gerry. Good to hear that Rain Quails are still around. I still need to see this one! Too bad I couldn't manage to visit you at Ratchaburi. My plan's changed and I need to come back to Chiang Mai earlier than expected to finish all the paper stuff regarding my study. I'll probably see you around some day when I get the chance to be in central Thailand again!

  2. Hey Tun good to hear from you and thanks for spotting my error; it should of course be Asian Golden Weaver!

  3. Anonymous29 June, 2012

    Hi Gerry,
    My name is Neil Parker and have lived at Bangna for the past two years. I went to Huay Mai Teng two weeks ago thanks to your enthusiasm for the place and had a great morning of birding with 7 River Lapwing, loads of Small Pratincole, Pied kingfisher and Blue-breasted Bee Eater to name but a few. Great place. However, I have been down to the raptor watching site numerous times but failed to find Wat Khao Takhrao every time. Can you give me some detailed directions? Thanks. I have a blog but nowhere as good as yours! Maybe we will meet up some time.

  4. Neil thanks for visiting the blog and great to hear you had such a productive visit. It's a great birding place; I take it for granted now. I am taking what you say to mean you've found the raptor site at Wat Norng Blah Lai but you haven't found the birding site at Wat Khao Takhrao? Correct me if I have got you wrong. Both of these sites are reasonably quiet right now whereas the reservoir really comes into its own during the rainy season. The Wat Khao Takhrao site is quite difficult to find. I suggest you send me an email and I'll come back to you with directions or GPS co-ordinates. If you are back at the reservoir do let me know if you see anything interestingl. It has some interesting historical records such as a Sooty Tern and because it is massively under-watched we really don't know what might be there: we think all the quails & buttonquails should be there, there are a couple of old records for Pied Cuckoo in the province, Siberian Rubythroat was heard over the winter months and who knows what else is waiting to be found. Yeah hopefully see you out there.

    1. Hi Gerry,

      Thanks for your reply. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. My email is
      I have a blog which I try to update rather badly compared to you
      I was down at Leam Pak Bia this weekend and had some great views of Great Thick-knee which I will post on my blog asap. Passerine migrants seemed to be piling on on Sunday as well. Hope to hear from you soon

    2. Hi Gerry,

      Sorry for the delay in replying to my request above. Its a long story! my email is
      I was down at Leam Pak Bia this weekend and the Great Thick-knee was showing really well on Friday but did not see it on Saturday or Sunday. I will try to post some pictures asap on my blog.
      Neil Parker