Sunday, 10 June 2012

Khao Yoi & Wat Kha Takhrao

Sunday afternoon I took a trip to Wat Khao Takhrao in Phetchburi province to check if  Great Thick Knee had returned. I was well aware I was early so was not at all surprised to draw a blank; last year I saw it towards the end of June and the previous year I only saw it September though it had been first seen in June. So there is till plenty of time for it to return and hopefully make it three successive years.

I met up with Sorng Yingtao who had spent the night at Kaeng Krachan and for his efforts had scored with a White-fronted Scops Owl. It was a hot,sticky afternoon. There were plenty of other attractions. I love looking at Spot-billed Pelicans and Painted Stock and we counted four of the former and twenty-seven of the latter, eleven of which were juveniles. They even obliged for a spot of photography.

We took a drive through the rice paddy/swamp back to the Phetchkasem Highway in the late afternoon. I was struck by the absence of any terns; normally there are loads of Whiskered Terns in this area; well not today. We took some shots of the more common water birds.

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