Monday, 18 June 2012

Slowing chance

My dear readers if only I could say I was slowing down! I had an eventful trip to Kaeng Krachan this weekend with Soorng Yingtao but missed out on the biggies: the White-fronted Scops Owl and the Brown Wood Owl. Wet and miserable if truth be told, the highlight being a nesting Greater Flameback, a lifer no less. I also missed out on a great opportunity to photograph a Silver-breasted Broadbill. The highlight was watching three Malayan Porcupines and two Brush-tailed Porcupines having a feed on Saturday night.

Soorng took me to Ban Sorng Nok on Sunday afternoon. This is possibly  the best thing to have happened in Thailand in recent years for birders and bird photographers alike. It's a resort and it  has been laid out and is managed in such a way as to encourage birds to come in and hang around. There are excellent viewing areas including hides. I didn't get the name of the nice lady who runs the place but she herself  is a bird nut and she likes looking after peole. While there were no major birds on view yesterday there were plenty of decent photo opportunities and I managed to add a further two lifers: Orange-bellied Flowerpecker and Gold-fronted Leafbird.

I forgot to mention  brief views in Kaeng Krachan of a Black-backed Kingfisher and a stunningly large Mountain Imperial Pigeon which I thought must have been a raptor on account of its size.

Alas I have no internet connection at home at the moment and have no idea when it is going to be fixed. So watch this space......a week without internet is a long time, but I am glad to say normal service has been restored.

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