Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ban Song Nok

I took my family to Ban Song Nok, Phetchburi province, this afternoon and I think it would be fair to say that we might be seeing a lot more of this excellent place in the months and years to come. As well as being one of the best bird photography locations in Thailand, probably the best in my humble opinion, it is also a very child friendly place. These are very important considerations. I had a lot of fun in the hide but nothing exotic. It is generally acknowledged this place comes into its own when conditions are dry and our avian friends are looking for water and a refreshing dip. I have to say the proprietor, Ba Aek, a retired teacher, is a delightful lady and it was pleasant to have the opportunity to chat with her a little. We also had a memorable Yum Woon Saen for our lunch; this is a glass noodle salad, served with minced pork and lime juice and served here with some delicious dried fish. And it was also good to meet up with Peter Ericsson who has been very helpful to me in the last few weeks. Here are some of today's shots.... all fairly common birds.

Green-eared Barbet

(with grateful thanks to Dave Irving for correcting my erroneous ID of this as a Lineated Barbet)

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker -  female

White-rumped Shama

Black-crested Bulbul

Puff-throated Babbler


  1. I think I shared the hide with you that day Gerry, I was the Brit with Peter....just discovered your site, you have some great photos and some great and very useful information! FYI, I believe the Barbet is a "Green-eared" rather than Lineated.


    Dave (

  2. Hi Dave and thanks for stopping by. As you know I make mistakes... I seem to recall chestnut-headed babbler from the hide! WIth the barbet I checked other images and you are 100% right. It ain't a Lineated and I've also just checked my list and Green-eared Barbet is a lifer! So thanks. I daren't add it to my list in such ignominious circumstances! Gives me a good reason to go back to Ban Song Nok. Hope all well.