Saturday, 14 July 2012

Limestone Wren-babbler

In the end it was very easy but I almost didn't get to the site near Saraburi and was actually on the point of returning to the hotel. However I finally found the temple, Wat Phra Buddhapat Noi, and a pair of the most beautiful Limestone Wren-babblers obliged for me at the rear of the monks' quarters. Fortunately the bird required only a minimal amount of searching.

What Google maps said should have been a 30 minute drive turned into a 2½ hour epic which took me almost into Lopburi! I should add the return home was just as problematic but at least I had got my bird.    I don't use GPS but I was relying on a print out of a Google  map produced from GPS co-ordinates I had punched into Google Maps.  I reckon using a GPS would be a lot simpler!

This Limestone Wren-babbler ( thanks to Dave at  North Thailand Birding for correcting my latest attempt at rewriting the Thai checklist!) ,the calcicola subspecies, is as beautiful and exquisite a bird as any I have seen. Extraordinary detail for such a relatively small bird; rufous, light brown underparts and grayish streaking on its brown upperpparts; a very prominently streaked throat. Now that I am back at the hotel having successfully twitched the bird, it all seems worthwhile. Of course it was another lifer, Thai lifer  ⌗362.

Fantastic to be out birding for the first time in three weeks. I have been busy on the home and work fronts. So we decided to treat ourselves to a weekend away and splashed out on a decent hotel. I am going to try for Small Buttonquail and Malayan Night Heron tomorrow. I should add I have had a few looks at Small Buttonquail but haven't listed it yet as they have been of birds scurrying into the undergrowth called by others. I'll be happy if I get one of these species.


  1. Anonymous14 July, 2012

    Where is the picture!

  2. I was just happy to see the birds! I tried for a shot.....but
    you know what digiscoping is like!