Sunday, 30 September 2012

Meklong River Estuary, Inner Gulf

As often happens with teachers we get sick when we go on holiday and sadly I am streaming with a heavy cold and a sore throat. When I should probably have been in bed we took a drive yesterday afternoon, Saturday, around the west side of the Meklong river, Inner Gulf so to speak, south of the main highway near Samut Songkram, more exploratory than anything else. We also had a brief look on the east side of the Meklong around Don Hoi Lod but not much of note. The bird of the day was Tiger Shrike, I counted four of them in three different areas, skulking in scrub, suggesting a bit of a migratory wave in progress. Elsewhere lots of Redshanks, a few Greenshanks, one Marsh Sandpiper, 4 Brahminy Kites, a few Whiskered Terns, a pair of Lesser Sand-plovers, 8 Pacific Golden Plovers, a Common Kingfisher, a  couple of Collared Kingfishers. Strange being in this area and not seeing any gulls, whose arrival must be imminent. Today, Sunday, I am confined, happily confined, and hopefully will make up for this in the next couple of weeks once I am fit again. This week I got  a couple of excellent links via the various bird groups to which I subscribe. So this is my current browsing: and Oriental Honey Buzzard Satellite Tracking Project.

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