Sunday, 4 September 2011

Suan Rot Fai, The Railway Park, Bangkok

I had the pleasure of joining Dave Gandy for a brief spin around his patch, Suan Rot Fai, very close to Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, which is one of the major gigs in Bangkok. The Railway Park is also a major recreation area for Bangkok residents and it gets very busy very early. And as Dave's sterling patch work will confirm, if you visit his blog,  it is an outstanding area for  migratory birds. For me it was thrilling to be able to see Yellow-rumped Flycatchers almost at will along with a few Arctic Warblers and a first Brown Shrike and a second Common Kingfisher for this new season. I didn't take any pictures but you can look at Dave's here. Only 80 minutes of birding this weekend but top quality birds and the male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher is a real gem

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