Monday, 24 October 2011

Back in Business

Cattle Egret eyes Flies on a Cow

I am celebrating getting these shots today because they serve to underline that I have a viable setup and will be able to carry on digiscoping while I get some money together. I also love this shot of the Cattle Egret and cow. It's humorous and funny to my eyes! 

OK I'll have that one!

In fact the birding news is much more important: Pied Harriers are back in residence in the local rice paddy. I was just about to shoot a splendid male on the ground when a couple of dogs scared him off. Elsewhere the rice paddy was buzzing with some Wood Sandpiper and some Common Snipe joining the usual suspects. I'll devote some time to the this area at the weekend. Today a brief hour in the afternoon in an otherwise restful holiday Monday here in Ratchaburi.

This Eastern Stonechat performed a little for me too and nice to be in a position to shoot it -  a female I believe and a bird that I expect to see a lot of in the rice paddy over the next few months. 

 Eastern Stonechat
Saxicola maurus

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