Thursday, 13 October 2011

First Record of Little Gull in Malaysia

Of necessity this will be brief as I need some sleep before heading early tomorrow into the wilds of Ulu Muda. Dave Bakewell took me out today on a pelagic in the Penang area and he made the first ever observation of a Little Gull in Malaysia and only the second in South East Asia. I can confirm it as I saw it with my very own eyes and indeed saw it again about an hour after Dave’s initial observation. Dave has some good shots of the gull and I’ll need to twist his arm to see if he’ll let me use one here. Otherwise go to Dave’s blog as I am sure he’ll post the shots soon.

I had a great day out but for Dave it was nothing short of sensational as he bagged two Malaysian lifers: the Little Gull and earlier he observed a Red-necked Phalarope, which is scarce in these parts.

It was a tern master class: Common, White-winged, Black-naped, Bridled. Little, Lesser Crested, Whiskered and possibly a Greater Crested. Thousands of birds.

Oh the not insignficant matter of a Whale Shark and an Irrawaddy dolphin!

More soon but I am going to be incommunicado for the next few days. I have some shots but they are not great as being in a boat and digiscoping are not easy! 

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