Thursday, 2 February 2012

Midweek News

Plain-backed Sparrow

These last two nights I have made brief visits to the local rice paddy in Ratchaburi. It was very quiet on both nights but the farmers are starting to introduce water to the fields so perhaps that will liven things up in the next few weeks. I am happy to say I got a brief view of an Eastern Marsh Harrier flying quite high but at least in the area. This male Plain-backed Sparrow does it for me -  a beautiful small bird and as I have said on a number of occasions it is anything but plain!

There's been a lot happening in the kingdom of birds in The Kingdom of Thailand over last few months. Read all about it on this link to the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand's latest sightings report.

A few years ago I would have considered a long weekend trip from London to Tokyo in order to see a Siberian Crane and Baer's Pochard as the ultimate act of insanity. I am following this actual twitch on Birdforum on this link. The poor guy's flight from Amsterdam to Tokyo has been delayed due to snow. I would be having kittens personally! If my circumstances were a little different I might be tempted myself! Apparently it is possible to get close to both birds as confirmed by some fantastic shots. Now, we have current reports in Thailand of one Baer's Pochard in Chiang Saen in the far north of Thailand, but apparently it is impossible to get anywhere near it. I might be tempted to make a dash for it in March if it is still up there. I really hope the guy scores! Good luck!

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