Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wat Khao Takrhao, Phetchburi Province

I simply had to get out Saturday afternoon so I headed back to Wat Khao Takrhao in Phetchburi with a somewhat forlorn hope of Comb Duck. However as always it was pleasant being out and looking at birds. I made it to the house at the far end of the main pond. The young boatman occupies that house and he and his wife were very welcoming to me today.  Later in the day I met his father. So I think I'll come back to this spot as I think it will be possible to get close to a lot of birds if I can get in early enough and get the hide up.

As before there were a lot of ducks and in addition to the good numbers of Garganey and Northern Pintail there were  lots of Lesser Whistling Duck, who put on a bit of a fly past for me. I also noted a Northern Shoveller pair, drake and female and at least one female  Eurasian Wigeon. There was a large flock of Caspian Terns and Brown-headed Gulls and lots of Marsh Sandpiper, Common Greenshanks and Black-tailed Godwits. From a digiscoping perspective it was difficult: birds were just too far away. I was able to get good views through the telescope of all ducks but don't really feel any of the shots are sharp enough. I do like the look of the male Garganey with his very prominent white supercilium which extends down to its body.

I rather fancy the duck to the right is a female Northern Shoveller as the bills are quite distinct; the right side bird's bill is very large and although the angle isn't good, it does look like a shoveller type bill. The unmistakable Northern Shoveller drake is below.

I love the legs on these aptly named Stilts

One of these days I will get on top of these birds and get some decent shots. However I enjoyed myself sitting out drenched in late afternoon sun with a cooling breeze keeping it just bearable. I took the few photo opportunities available and must wait for another opportunity for better shots and indeed for Comb Duck.

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