Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Savanna Nightjar

I spent a few hours this afternoon at Huay Mai Teng Reservoir, Ratchaburi province. With migration in full swing I thought there might be possibilities of flycatchers and other passerines. Alas no. In fact very ordinary - 4 Rain Quail, 3 Savanna Nightjars, 1 Small Pratincole and 1 Oriental Honey Buzzard. The weather was awful, completely overcast with rolling thunder and lightning nearby, and strong wind. The latter was very frustrating as leaves were moving everywhere and of course this movement triggers my reactions - normally the movement is a good indicator of a bird. So no photographs today, not a single shot.

 I had good looks tonight at Savanna Nightjar ....... one was perched atop a rock and in the gloom  I could make out white on its throat. It seemed a much bigger bird than the Indian nightjar, much browner. And of course it makes a beautiful rasping sound. Thanks to Dave Sargeant I can give you a flavour of this sound. On our visit to Huay Mai Teng at the beginning of March 2012 Dave made these recordings - to my ear they are top quality. These links take you to the sound files in .mp3 format.

Savanna Nightjar 01
Savanna Nightjar 02
Savanna Nightjar 03
Savanna Nightjar 04

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