Sunday, 16 September 2012

A-whaling We Will Go

Bryde's Whale
(© Photo Credit: Samanya Rodorigo) 

I spent the day whale watching today with a group of "foreign" teachers and their families and friends. That's our designation in this country but we were a truly international group, seventeen of us to be precise: Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Indian, Camerounian, American and Scottish. Most importantly we saw one whale and in fact got so close we could almost see down its large throat. Spectacular views as this youngish Bryde's whale filled up with small fish and the terns swooped in an attempt to scavenge some sustenance. As the organiser I was delighted for everyone, and relieved too, though I think most people would have been happy with the boat trip in itself. My own view is we were fortunate to see this one whale and in no small measure our thanks are due to Loong Lek, our very able skipper. If you want to go whale watching Loong Lek is your man and his boat is ideal.

The birds were equally good: I observed 2 Bridled Terns, 2 Lesser Crested Terns, 32 Great Crested Terns, 40+ Great Cormorants. I even managed a few shots which is remarkable. I think the Great Cormorants are amazing, real pelagic birds.

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