Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Deluge

I left home in bright sunshine and rather fancied when I got to Huay Mai Teng Reservoir about 1530h  that I was going to be lucky in avoiding rain. Twenty minutes later it was battering down and 90 minutes later it was much the same. My priority became the avoidance of getting stuck in mud and keeping my equipment dry. Not many birds today such was the donwpour. However I was at different parts of the site today so did see a Black-shouldered Kite, 2  Bronze-winged Jacanas and a mixed flock of about 30 Asian Golden and Baya Weavers. I couldn't help notice the rate of habitat loss: where until recently there was secondary forest, with lots of scrub, this has now been cleared and a water tower has been installed and electricity pylons erected. I wonder what the future holds here. Glad to say I got home without needing excavation.

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