Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back to the Patch

Small Pratincoles

What a joy to be out birding on my local patch at Huay Mai Teng Reservoir. A recent request for records drew my attention to not having visited the site for over a month. Tut,tut! So Benedict and I headed out in the afternoon. The water level is as low as I have ever seen it. Two stand out records: a Whimbrel, a first for the patch, and amazing to see it so far away form the sea;  and the presence of about 50 Small Pratincoles, mainly juveniles, which look as if they are "over-summering'. I say this as in previous years I have no records of Small Pratincoles from September to the end of December. There were also two River Lapwing present.

The amount of land reclamation going on is unprecedented. The topography is changing fast and most importantly bird habitat is being reduced. Half a small forest has disappeared and it looks as if the foundations are  being laid for new buildings. Electricity pylons have been erected and roads, gravel tracks at present, are also under construction. I have seen Yellow-rumped Flycatcher in this area and Nick Upton has reported hearing Siberian Rubythroat there too.

However just good to be out on the patch, looking for my own birds.

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  1. It's always a joy to see Small Pratincoles. They are so classy and cute. Glad to hear there's a good number of them there.