Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Indian Nightjar, Ratchaburi

Indian Nightjar
Caprimulgus asiaticus
(with grateful thanks to halftwo on www.birdforum.net for help with ID)

When I got back from work this afternoon I was in two minds about whether I would go out. I am a little tired after our break in the Philippines not the least because we made it home on Monday at 02:30 am and I was in school later that same morning at 07:30 am! I am not complaining because our trip to the Philippines was fantastic. I rescheduled a lesson because I just wanted to take it easy but when we got home there was still a little sunshine and I thought it would be nice to have an hour in the Rose Garden  rice paddy. This time last year I started to notice some raptors, including pied harriers, hanging out there especially towards the end of the day. I also thought there might be a chance of some flycatchers and other migratory birds. I wasn't expecting this Indian Nightjar, a first for the patch, to drop under my nose. In fact due to the white on its wings and its proximity to some noisy common mynas I initially "dismissed" it as such but then I noticed the way it was sitting on the ground, definitely not common myna style, and I took a closer look. A very beautiful bird. I really wasn't sure what it was at all other than a nightjar and on the a basis of size I thought it likely to be Indian, but I wasn't sure. It has rich colouring and while I have seen this bird before it has always been in the dark. Buffoonery is never far away and this time I left my digiscoping camera at home so I legged it back sharpish in the fading light, grabbed my camera, wife and son and the bird was still there on our return and I managed a few decentish shots. I have to say the bird was extremely confiding and let me get really close. On return home I checked out my fieldguides and orientalbirdimages.org which just confused me so I posted on www.birdforum.net and halftwo confirmed it as Indian. Great to be home and a decent bird to welcome me back!

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