Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Digiscoping with a DSLR

I am really encouraged by these three shots taken with the Kowa scope, the Canon EOS Kiss x3, DA10 and adaptor ring and Canon 60 mm E-FS Macro Lens. The Openbills were about 120 metres away and the Intermediate Egret was between 400 - 500 m away; the first and last pics are cropped. Not bad, I say. This is not an easy set-up - there is a lot of weight on the tripod and because my scope is angled I worry about the pressure of the weight of the camera and lens on the eyepiece and telescope. It's hard to steady the rig especially with wind. A tiny amount of vibration  takes the edge off focus. As I mentioned yesterday however there is no vignetting. It is not as responsive or easy to use as it is with the Nikon P6000; that, however, may be down to relative unfamiliarity with this rig. But there will be times when this set up will be excellent: large flocks of sitting waders. I have to say I am very excited by this development.

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