Wednesday, 20 April 2011

For my Muses at Yahoo's Digiscopingbirds

Oriental Pratincole
Exif Data: ISO 64 20mm f/7 -0.7ev 0.01484s 

Small Pratincole

Exif Data: ISO 64 24mm f/7.7  -0.7ev 0.01661s 

Exif Data: ISO 64 20mm f/7  -0.7ev 0.01134s 

These shots are straight out the camera and shot in late afternoon sunshine with about 1.25 hours of daylight remaining. I am getting progressively happier with my shots so thanks for the steers and advice.


  1. Gerry--These look so great! I'm REALLY happy that we were able to pull off the long-distance sale and that everything is working so well for you. Don't you love that eyepiece?? Are you shooting in .jpg or raw?