Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Yellow-eyed Babbler

I was lucky enough to be able to shoot a short clip of this Yellow-eyed babbler on Sunday at the reservoir. It's not great quality and I hear a voice in me say: "You need a camera that can film in HD." If you want to see what is possible in HD then I suggest you check out my friend Tara's videos. The mechanical noise in the background is Tom's camera shutter, I think! A further factor in the low quality is I have cropped the frame to eliminate some vignetting.

A very interesting development last night: I managed to attach my DSLR, a Canon EOS Kiss x3, to my scope using the Kowa DA10 adaptor. More importantly with the EFS 60 mm Macro lens there was no vignetting. I had a number of teething problems so no good shots: wrong ISO and simply not knowing that everything has to be set to autofocus. But this is a very exciting moment! I have to say the weight on the tripod felt heavy and movement was sluggish and difficult; I had to use the viewfinder and not the LCD to frame shots so focus difficult. However these two shots leave me thinking this is going to be very interesting: both birds were at least 500m away from me. Mmmmmmmm!

 I also saw a Barn Owl in the soi last nigh, perched high on a roof on an piece of abutting pipe, as I walked home from the local take away restaurant. I returned with a torch but it had gone  though somewhere I could hear what I take to be its screech.

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