Sunday, 12 June 2011


I took my baby son up to Huay Mai Teng Reservoir this afternoon and I am glad to report he slept through most of it! We had a good scout around but no River Lapwing to report. I suspect they are best viewed early in the morning at least until the reservoir level falls and can move into their normal abode. There really was a lot of human activity including powerful boats so I wasn't surprised to draw a blank today.

I counted 76 Small Pratincoles and managed a couple of pictures of juveniles. Now I really know nothing about the life cycle of birds but I am presuming these juvenile birds are this year's yield. And I am also presuming that a bird is a juvenile for one season only. Ditto with the Oriental. And I am expecting to show up one day soon and find the Small Pratincoles have gone. The size of the juvenile suggests it is approaching full size.

I had a good look around today and I was sad to notice that one of my favourite areas is now inaccessible. This is where i have seen Osprey, Darter and Rain Quail. A large manmade pond is where the road once was and the alternative road has been bull dozed away. Now it did cross my mind this might be a good thing as it should restrict human activities...... I know how to access the area but it will involve a walk.

Elsewhere I once more heard Chinese Francolin, in a new location, but alas no sight of it. Some brief glimpses of quail but not enough to make any IDs. I suspect Rain Quail. A couple of distant Bronze-winged Jacanas, White-throated Kingfishers and lots of Golden Weavers and Green Bee-eaters. Lots of Indochinese Bushlarks and Paddyfield Pipits too. I took a few shots of a Black-shouldered Kite at a distance of over 1 kilometre off and one came out reasonably well. I can't find it now and fear I have deleted it!

Nice afternoon!

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