Sunday, 5 June 2011

Porng Salod, Phetchaburi Province

In a rather naive sort of way I decided that I wanted easy birds today in view of the heat and humidity and my spluttering cough and runny nose. So I drove to Porng Salod, a small reservoir in Phetchaburi province. The site is actually part of Rajabhat University's Phetchaburi Campus. I had seen a pair of Asian Barred Owlets there a couple of years ago and I rather fancied some easy photographs. They appeared to have taken up residence in the trees next to the research centre as I saw them on a number of occasions and it wasn't too difficult getting in close. I am sorry to say there was no sign of these little owls. I had fun nevertheless and a male Olive-Backed Sunbird and Indochinese Bushlark (thanks to Tom Backlund for pointing out my error - I originally made this a Paddyfield Pipit - oops - and of course Tom's right as there is no white on the tail)  posed a little for me. I need to come clean here and confess that I thought initially this might have been a Richard's Pipit! It had a very distinct parachuting style flight and it looked stockier. When I got home I rather easily settled on Paddyfield when I soon realised it couldn't be Richard's for no other reason than the time of the year: Richard's is a winter visitor. So thank you, Tom, for taking the trouble to point out my mistake. Birds!  I have to add now that it's a good shot as well!

I observed a really noisy and aggressive aerial fight involving an India Roller and Ashy-breasted  Woodswallow. Six- Lesser-whistling Ducks and plenty of screeching Red-wattled Lapwings. But no owlets! How utterly inconsiderate of them!

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  1. I've been living in Thailand for a long time and never paid attention to birds. All time being fascinated when seeing exotic ones on the movies and documentaries and when I get here I forget to admire them.