Saturday, 4 June 2011

Where have the River Lapwings Gone?

I am struggling with a respiratory infection so I only managed a brief trip to the reservoir this morning. This infection is an annual fixture, a rainy season special you could say, a combination of cold and cough and a reaction to sleeping with the air-conditioning on. I am sad to report I did not sight a River Lapwing though I must add I am hardly surprised: at 06:00h this morning there were two boats on the water with  large, powerful outboard engines which made the boats' bows stick up when the juice was applied. Loch Lomond and Windermere come to Thailand! I hope the pilots know what they are doing because in addition to disrupting the wildlife and fisher people, the reservoir has very variable depth! The boats had managed to scare everything away.

At a different location I counted 92 Small Pratincoles and over 200 Orientals. I wonder how long the Smalls will be here for. I can also tell you there was a photographer in a hide working the Small Pratincoles so I am glad to see more coverage. I am in the process of placing an order for a portable hide at the moment so maybe this time next Saturday I might be up there in my little tent too!

The highlight was seeing two Chinese Francolins, brief views from the car. I hope a combination of playback and the hide will allow me to get some decent shots of these fine looking fellows in the near future.

It may be the River Lapwing have found a suitable abode away from the disturbance. I'll need to have a good scout around over the next few weeks.

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