Monday, 2 May 2011

A Busy Saturday: Pak Thale/Laem Pak Bia PART 2

A late afternoon stop on our drive south to Chumphon revealed no major surprises, no tattlers or noteworthy flocks of migratory birds. The most significant observation was the arrival of an unphotographed Spot-billed Pelican in the Kings Project at Laem Pak Bia. What a spectacular awe-inspiring bird. It was 6:00pm and I had packed up when it came down and it didn't hang around for long. A fair number of Painted Storks at Pak Thale but no Milky Storks. My wife asked me how we would have reacted two years ago as raw novices had such birds been in our sights: we would have been delirious, I said!

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