Sunday, 29 May 2011

River Lapwing

River Lapwing
Vanellus Duvaucelii

There were three River Lapwing at the reservoir early this morning and as you can see from the photograph they are very elegant birds, beautifully coloured with a short crest. I don't know if their presence at the more public end of the reservoir is significant. Even at 06:00h there was very considerable disruption from dogs and humans. These birds appear to be looking for short grass close to the water. But here they are continuously disturbed. I should imagine it will be very difficult to nest in this area. I hope the reservoir level drops to enable these lapwing to get nesting on the far side, away from disturbance, at their normal base.

Elsewhere lots of Small Pratincoles and Oriental Pratincoles. A Rain Quail showed briefly on top of a rock mound and it flew off just as I was ready to shoot! Ditto with a Common Hoopoe showing a very prominent crest. A fair number of yellow-eyed babblers fluttering through the scrub.

The story today was getting my truck stuck in mud and having to call out a friend to give me a tow. It was touch and go but finally we managed it without the tow rope snapping. Wasted a lot of time which I would have preferred to use for birding! With work and some ill health this week this is the first and only time I have been able to get out into the field for a week. Notwithstanding personal disasters, the reservoir never disappoints.  Getting my car stuck made me start thinking I need to  get away from my truck and get positioned and set up somewhere...... I can't really expect to drive up to the birds, get out the truck, get set up and shoot!! The birds will be in Myanmar by the time I am ready!

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