Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Power of Photoshop

Black-backed Kingfisher
Ceyx erithacus

I have to acknowledge a considerable debt of gratitude to Ryan Eustace, a zoology student in Aberdeen, Scotland, who self-evidently is a wizard with Photoshop. I posted my shot of the Black-backed Kingfisher on Birdforum asking for a steer and little did I know Ryan would in fact do the job for me. Many thanks Ryan, what more can I say?! I am so pleased with this! I think this one might be getting printed and framed.


  1. Ryan Eustace23 August, 2011

    I am shocked to see you refer to my name, more often than not people claim it to be there own work.

    I'm glad I could help, maybe you could take a look at some of my photos on flickr.

  2. Ryan my pleasure. I hope it was a pleasant shock! Your shots are fabulous. Thanks for the link. I have another shot that needs tweaking. Is there any possibility I could send it to you? If so I need an email address. Many thanks Gerry

  3. Ryan Eustace03 September, 2011

    I'll have a go,