Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Watermarks, Playback.......

Well I have designed a watermark for my photographs and this picture of a Grey-Breasted Prinia, shot this morning at Huay Mai Teng Reservoir, is the first of my photographs to carry it. I am amazed at how difficult this was to do! I think I am definitely getting old as Photoshop is well beyond me!

I also did something I have never done before today. I used an MP3 recording of a Chinese Francolin calling in the hope of drawing this species to my telescope. Well I succeeded in raising two birds but sadly they didn't break cover although one was very close. I am not sure about this.

Plenty of nesting Small Pratincoles remain in the area and I even saw one little chick getting what might best be described as some parenting. Large numbers of Oriental Pratincoles too as well as noisy Black-winged Stilts and Red-wattled Lapwing. I also saw a couple of Yellow-eyed Babblers as I endeavoured to draw out the Chinese Francolins.

It's extremely hot in Thailand at present and so early morning starts are obligatory. It's boiling hot by 08:00h. Moreover in the later part of the day there is often heavy rain.

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