Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Circus Melanoleucos

Pied Harrier
Circus Melanoleucos
Ratchaburi 16.02.11

Unfortunately when I got to the rice paddy tonight I had the wrong lens on my camera, it was set at ISO 3200 and +2 EV,and I had a very restless 19 month old boy in the passenger seat and he was throwing things out of the window like a screwdriver, a digiscoping adaptor........ and this beauty was sitting about 70 yards away.........and just for good measure the display on my camera froze and I was unable to change settings! Anyhow I managed a few decentish shots. I should have filled my boots with great shots because this fellow was very obliging. Who knows what I might have done had I got the digiscope onto him. Mustn't grumble, Pied Harrier is a special bird, nice to have him so close to home and not at all camera shy!

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