Saturday, 19 February 2011

Milky Stork at Pak Thale

I had an afternoon out and headed to the Wat Khao Takhrao area where there must have been at least 2,000 Lesser Whistling Ducks idling in the sun. There may have been other species but impossible to say due to a combination of distance and not having a telescope. Lots of Little Grebes and plenty of Wood Sandpiper, an Osprey out in the middle and a pleasant if rather hot walk. As I was in the area I took a spin down to Pak Thale not really expecting to see anything as it was gone 4:00 pm and I knew the tides would be against birdwatching. At the Spoonbill Sandpiper site a couple of very excited Thai photographers asked if I had seen the Milky Stork and showed me their photographs and directed me to Km 36 on the main road. There I bumped into Ralph Parks, from Khon Kaen via Dorset, England and he and his party had the bird in their sights and they were kind enough to let me view it through their scopes. It was at a considerable distance from us perched on a  concrete pillar with a small group of Painted Stork similarily perched. The Milky Stork had the all-white black fringed primaries diagnostic and while it resembled  Painted Stork  it was clearly different. I don't know about ticking this one, seemed too far away and I don't really feel as if I had any real engagement with it. I'll make the tick but I will feel a lot happier if I can see it again and get a better view of it. And what a time to be without a telelscope!!!

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