Thursday, 24 February 2011

Little Egret

It's been a fairly quiet time this week on the bird front. The good news is my scope has been repaired and I am headed to Tokyo to collect it on 7th March. I have to say Kowa have been excellent. I am only going to  manage a few days in and around Tokyo so I don't expect to be filing reports of Japan's more exotic species. However as with most big cities there is excellent birding in and around Tokyo

Wood sandpiper

I can add two further species to the soi list: I had nine ashy-breasted woodswallows huddled together on a telephone wire and a bit further away I could see openbills flying in the rice paddy in the distance. There is plenty of activity on the rice paddy and as you can see from the above egret some birds are starting to sport their breeding plumage.....note the nape plumes. The flooded conditions in the paddy also mean there are better feeding opportunities and that means more species are about including noticeable numbers of Wood Sandpiper, Greenshanks and Redshanks. The Pied Harrier is still about though I reckon his departure to the north is imminent.

I must say I can't wait to get my scope back and to try my new Nikon P6000 and to see if that brings about the hoped for improvement in my digiscoping.

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