Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Troubled Birder

There was finally enough time for me to escape for a few hours this afternoon to do a bit of birding and I headed to the local reservoir. It felt a bit strange as I have no telescope so no digiscoped photographs either. My telescope went off to Japan at lunchtime today for  a repair. I have to say I am really troubled about if it will ever arrive and if I will ever see it again. I have used a reputable courier I hasten to add, just a sense of foreboding. It wouldn't be difficult to open my package, take out the scope and replace it with something of a similar weight, and then seal it up. A further factor is I am awaiting delivery of a camera from the US. I managed to source a Nikon P6000 from a fellow digiscoper, Tara Tanaka, and it arrived in Thailand Thursday but hasn't reached me yet. Additionally I went to the Post Office yesterday to despatch my telescope thinking I had bought a product which had insurance but which I later learned had very limited insurance. The counter assistant said it did and to check out details online. I managed to read some small print later and discovered very limited insurance so I had to go back to the Post Office where I recalled the package. So I am a little on tenterhooks. I hope it's just me! In fact it has been a tough week as my son managed to kill my notebook by accidentally poring tea over it........

So it was pleasant to be out in the air, feeling a warm breeze on my face, and lots of common birds: notably some beautiful little grebes, a pair of common kingfishers, a female Siberian stonechat, lots of pied fantails, a black-shouldered kite plus the usual suspects.

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